The Cozy Mandarin Orchard Singapore is Worth Your Best Budget

By | August 17, 2021

Mandarin Orchard Singapore is the real gem in the heart of the city. Staying for four nights or more is what most Singaporeans love to do for their perfect staycation Singapore plan. There is no need to explain why they choose this hotel instead of others with similar prices. 

The location is the first reason. It lies nicely on the bustling Orchard Road. That is a famous road that has glamorous shopping malls, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore is more than Just A Cozy Hotel

Reviews from satisfied guests claim that this hotel delivers very reliable service. Thanks to the staff that is always ready with the fast checking-in process. Even for the late midnight reservation, the team still gives its best services. 

The bell boy delivers the bags swiftly to the room that each guest reserves. Friendly housekeepers always greet all guests whom they meet. The hotel has successfully trained all the staff very well.

Guests will feel a very comfortable ambiance, once they enter the lobby. Once they put their belongings in their rooms, most of them usually want to try the famous Meritus club lounge of Mandarin Orchard Singapore, which has gorgeous views. The decoration is very nice as well. The seating choices are abundant so guests can choose the one that they want for the perfect hanging out.

The lounge provides evening cocktails as well as some other choices of beverages like wine, beer, and liquor. There are also choices of good foods for casual dining as well as some snacks. By and large, however, the club lounge offers a nice value for providing magnificent panoramas of the hotel where every tourist can relax.

Affordable Rate with Luxury Services

Many natives Singaporeans love the chance of enjoying a staycation Singapore trip here. Mandarin Orchard Singapore has lots of facilities to support remote working. The cozy lounge is the real place to relax, as was mentioned previously. Even each room here has a good atmosphere for spending an hour or two to finish working by using guests’ laptops, thanks to the fast WiFi connection.

Many Singaporeans even stay for months, thanks to the affordable rate of the hotel. besides, they can reach lots of excellent places within walking distances to find anything that they want, from shopping malls, eateries with abundant choices of menus and also bars. It is not surprising that it becomes one of the most recommended hotels with the best price and location, ever. 

How To Reach the Hotel

Taking a taxi or renting a car from the Changi Airport MRT Station is the most common thing that visitors from outside the country do. They can reach Orchard Road in less than 45 minutes. For guests who don’t bring lots of suitcases, they can take the SBS Transit bus alternatively. The bus will stop at the Opp Orchard Stn though the trip may take place for at least an hour.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore is ready to enhance your memorable staycation Singapore trip. For the best price, you can find lots of deals for spending low on the booking cost.

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